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Winner of the

2017  ASG Inner Circle MVP

Also Recently Nominated for the

2018 Business News AUS Urban Young Entrepreneur Award

2019 Telstra Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

The world needs more leaders, so become a world leader - Jamie Totino
Jamie is a sought after International Speaker sharing he's story on how he has built successful businesses and how he has been able to impact 1000's of people through he's personal journey.
In 2017 alone, Jamie shared the same stage as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aaron Sansoni, Turia Pitt, NetFlix Co-Founder Marc Randolph, Michelle Bridges and Michael Klim and many more world class leaders.
You won't find another young, passionate, driven and respected entrepreneur who is still so in touch with everyone around him.
In the past years it has been something Jamie has played with the idea of though now its REAL. With extensive training in Coaching from the most sought after trainers in the southern hemisphere, Jamie has now been able to add another level to the value he can offer. It's one thing to be a coach, though this is something Jamie is really passionate about in helping people achieve there true greatness inside and out.
My Job as an Entrepreneur is to deliver value - Jamie Totino

What is Jamie working on now?

Founding one of Australia's fasting growing companies and one that is changing many industries as we know it. Jamie and the team are continually looking to improve the business for many reasons but the most important being to always be delivering the best value for he's clients and their customers. Being at the forefront of something completely new it really is an exciting time for the team and those involved.
Being able to give back is huge thing for Jamie which is way he has gone over and above to build a relationship with OzHarvest, delivering food to Melbourne's Homeless and most in need people. To learn more about what Jamie and the team are doing, visit www.realfoodvending.com.au
Jamie is also travelling as much as possible sharing he's story with people all over Australia. From being a strong minded young man to going through a really low period of time, he has now been able to re-build himself and impact others going through a similar situation. He shares the techniques and mind-set he used to get out of those dark days to living the fun filled, fast paced and exciting life he does now. Jamie's keynote is sure to be one he knows can impact and activate someone to making the change that is needed to becoming the person the world needs to see.
On the back of that, Jamie has been working above and beyond on something he is really passionate about.  Coaching. Coming soon you will have the ability to be one of the few selected clients Jamie brings on and works with one on one. More details coming soon, watch this space and register your spot NOW.
Jamie loves celebrating he's successes with he's friends and family. In his word's "This journey isn't about me, either are the results, its about the people I can positively impact along the way". He has a few personal favourite spots around Australia, which he will no doubt share with you.

About Jamie Totino

Jamie grew up in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.
In a highly family oriented and disciplined house hold, Jamie was the eldest of three siblings.
One of Jamie's biggest idols growing up was his grandfather who migrated to Australia from Italy in 1956. With nothing other a few dollars and suit case full of clothes, he took on the massive task of building a life in a foreign country to provide a better future for Jamie's Father and siblings. From a very young age both Jamie's grandfather and father instilled 2 major keys to the person he is today. One being, respect and the other a hard work ethic.
Finishing school at the age of 16 and beginning his trade, he very quickly found he's strengths in leadership and being a quick learner. At a very young age of 19 years old Jamie was already leading teams and crews on some of Melbourne's biggest construction sites. He soon found a passion for this role, which lead him to becoming very successful in he's direct industry.
After playing professional AFL at one of the highest levels here in Australia, Jamie decided that he would pursue he's passion for business and wealth.
When buying he's first property at the age of 19 he started to develop an interest in the property market. With very minimal knowledge he began studying different strategies and systems which has helped him to build a strong portfolio over the past 5 years.
Today, Jamie has taken a lot of what he has learnt through personal experience and mentoring and started to implement that into he's own businesses. In the past 12months, Jamie has foundered over 5 Companies and Brands. He has the ability to anticipate future trends and act swiftly to be create ground breaking disruption. These skills mixed with having a student mind-set, being willing to learn off someone who knows what he needs to know and what Jamie believes to be one of the most important factors is taking action and separating himself from the masses.
After all this is said and done, Jamie is still Jamie. He is always smiling, having fun and making a positive impact on the room. People often dismiss Jamie as a serial entrepreneur due to his quirky ways but be sure when its time to turn it on, no one delivers like Jamie.
Someone to look out for into the future as he builds his legacy in Australia and Internationally.

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As always, Jamie is raw, real and passionate with he's message.
And Yes, you'll find he's grammar is most of the time a little off the mark.
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