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Winner of the
2017  ASG Inner Circle MVP

Also a

2018 & 2019 Business News Australia
Young Entrepreneur Finalist

2019 Telstra Business Award Nominee

Jamie Totino is a highly commended young & emerging entrepreneur, who is known for his colourful transition from the life of a tradie and aspiring football player - to now being a powerhouse visionary behind multiple national businesses and brands including Real Food Vending, Australia’s First Healthy Vending Franchise.

From leading teams on some of Melbourne’s largest construction sites at the age of 19. To having a short, yet successful career playing professional AFL, Jamie fuelled his passion to lead and make positive impacts on individuals.

Best known for his innovative impact on the fast, yet healthy food world, Jamie is the founder & Director of Australia’s First Healthy Vending Franchise, which in 2017 was just an idea on paper, to now in 2020 building nationally.

Through this, Jamie has placed himself on the forefront of changing the industry as we know it.

Jamie has also built a highly successful education business travelling the country working with business owners coaching and mentoring them to help achieve greater professional and personal success.

Twice now, a finalist in the Business News Australia Entrepreneur Awards and a nominee for the Telstra Business Awards, Jamie is a sought after, youthful, motivational speaker and trainer.

This in-built desire to help others, lead him to becoming exceptionally successful within his industry at the time, and it also sparked his love for creating change. This, mixed with a wealth of knowledge in leading teams, encouraged Jamie’s pursuit into the world of business.

Passionate, driven, well respected and fun, as an entrepreneur Jamie has the ability to lead and more importantly, to build others into leaders as well. Despite all of the challenges faced in his business journey, Jamie’s resilient attitude and strong training on mindset, has played a pivotal part of building his Empire, he is now passing it on and sharing to improve the lives of others.

Jamie supports and endorses a variety of charities, giving back and passing it on is something which he believes is absolutely necessary. He directly works alongside Oz Harvest with his businesses, involving himself in the vision, in order to make an impact.

His life, business and personal path thus far, demonstrates his ability to provide an excellent insight into leadership, franchising, business, creative innovation and mindset management.

Keynotes - Speaking - Presentations


An Innovative Businessman & Recognised Entrepreneur

Jame is sure to bring the energy to your event.

With a wise mind and eye for future trends along with the ability to on the spot be one the of most creative minds you have seen, it is truely incredible what he can do with a room of 10 or a room of 1000.

In 2018 & 2019 alone, Jamie spoke in front of over 25,000 people in all cities of Australia and also abroad.

Innovation, Creativity, Personal Mindset, Energy, Leadership & Start Ups are just some of the topics Jamie can cover for your event.

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Unlock Your Next Level!

Modern, New Aged styled training and development.

Are you ready to take it to the next Level? 

Spending well over 2000 hours coaching one on one and one to many over the past years, Jamie now is building a name as the go-to option for personal and professional development.

Jamie will take you step by step, holding your hand but also allowing you to create your own breakthroughs to see you reach the next level just like he has done with previous and existing clients.

It's time for you to Level Up!

Due to the large amount of applications and Jamie's busy schedule, available spaces are a rarity so to make this your year, the year you say no more, the year you Level Up, go ahead & Apply Now.

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