Be Great The Book



‘’Being good just isn’t good enough anymore’’ 
Over 2 years in the making, Be Great is a representation of Jamie Totino’s decade of learnings and practises surrounding self belief, mindset and focus. 
Jamie brings his own unique approach to the topic of self-help in a down-to-earth style reminiscent of his tradie background and impactful football career. 
Packed with motivation and sound advice through Jamie’s personal examples from his upbringing and career, Be Great illustrates ideas of success and greatness for you to model while working out your own journey in life.
Practises such as daily exercise, meditation/presence, self-development, time management and networking are just some of the topics discussed in the book. 
Expect a no nonsense approach on how to choose your role models and model their behaviour, how to be more than just an okay person or a good person and to ultimately become the Greatest version of yourself.

Foreword by Harry Korras

"Be Great, is a true example of what our world requires, this book takes you on a journey and makes you work for your place to Be Great."
“Not only the business side, personally I have never felt this good. It has been years of not feeling too good but now my business is going well and I am personally feeling amazing. Thank you so much, Jamie”
– Adrian, Melbourne
What a read. Perfect timing right now for me. Thank you for the realness and making it so easy to get. First thing I am on to is my intolerance test to get my health right.
Craig, Melbourne
After reading this, why else would I want to be anything less than Great. Thank you!
Mel, Brisbane AUS


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