How to Become a Leader!

How to Become a Leader

 Some People are natural leaders. I am one of them.

I am writing this for those who want to become a leader. Who feel they can offer soo much to their team, they just don’t know how.

Soo for me, I sometimes forget that for others, it doesn’t come naturally & it requires them to really get uncomfortable.

From leading sporting teams with a team of 5 right up to a team 30, then leading a crew of 45 workers on a construction site to most importantly leading myself.

There have been a few key takeaways and learnings.

I am sure you can think of someone in your workplace or team who are just natural leaders. What is it about them that gives them that authority?

What about them gets people to follow?

From a very very young age, I can still remember my father telling me ‘Be a leader, don’t follow the sheep’ He would say this before every sports training session and game day. He then started saying it before going to school, then as I got older, before going out for some fun when turning 18, he made it very clear, Be a Leader.

I remember my first ‘Real’ job at Bunnings Warehouse. 15, maybe 16 years old at a brand new store, being made the 2IC (Second In Charge) of the Timber & Hardware department. I still remember the manager, Mark telling me that he wanted me to play that role. Still in school, playing junior football and not really a whole of experience in leading adults, I said Why Not. It gave me a pay increase, so I was all in.

I learnt a lot there, so much so that it was the platform that exposed me as a true leader.

What’s one thing you think has stopped you from being a leader?

It’s important to remember, before you can lead anyone else, you need to be able to influence and lead yourself. No one will follow someone who looks lost.


My Top 5 Steps Too Becoming a Leader.

  1. Confidence

Have Confidence in yourself to know you are making the right decision. Your team won’t follow someone who is scared or disempowered. Confidence and Cocky are two different things.

  1. Walk With Purpose

Walk like a man/woman on a mission. Shoulders back, chest out and a little quicker than usual. I am sure you have seen those people who walk through a busy place and they get your attention. Also known as natural leader.

  1. Knowledge

It’s not the be all end all, though your team will want to come to you for answers. So, having knowledge allows you to be a problem solver. If they know you’re the man/woman that can solve their challenges, they will naturally see you as a leader.

  1. Speak With Energy

Use your voice to command. Similar to number 2, talk with passion, with enthusiasm. Talk with an energy that people want to know more. Fill your voice with confidence and have an understanding on how to use your voice to get a reaction.

  1. Know You Will Be Judged

Doing the above and becoming a leader is going to require courage. So, know you will be judged. The first time you take ownership of the next meeting or want to give a speech to the team, they will be judging you, it’s what we do as humans. But you can’t let that hold you back, knowing you are about to deliver something amazing and lead your team to success is what should drive you. Yes, you might stuff it out, don’t worry, all of the biggest world leaders make mistakes too but your team will respect you 10 times more when you pick your shit up and bounce back.

That’s a True Leader.


“The world needs more leaders, so become a world leader” – JT


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