Commit to a Celebration.

It’s been a long time coming back we finally got here.

As I write this blog, my beautiful partner and I are sitting in a private secluded villa on the Mornington Peninsula here in Victoria.

The past 3 months have been ridiculously busy and our companies have grown accordingly.

We have no doubt had our best quarter to date but it doesn’t stop here.

Though saying that, one thing I have learnt this year from one of my mentors, is to Commit & Celebrate.

He has shown me how to celebrate our wins, it’s something I have never done.

I had the mindset of ‘we just work’ and celebrate in 20 years when I’m retired. I personally much prefer this new adopted habit.

I find taking this approach gives me more drive and a clearer goal to set. Yes, it’s only a quarterly or half yearly goal but I find you can attack it much harder and with clear steps in place you will always achieve that goal.

It has been right on 12 months now since using this new technique and its doing wonders, not only for me but also all the people around me who I have passed it on to.

When we say Commit, we are saying set a goal and commit to it, and celebrate is quite clear, we celebrate our wins once achieving that goal.

It may be something small like going out for dinner or maybe going for a weekend away to clear the mind, reset, prepare and finish big for 2017.

This time we chose to get away. We don’t have WIFI, well it’s a really poor connection so it’s been the perfect 2 days away from the world.

A couple months back I had the pleasure of sitting with Dr. Lynika Cruz, check out the blog I wrote about that experience. AMAZING.

But she made a great point that day, having time off, whether it be one hour or 2 days away from work does wonders for your body, mind and spirit.

Why not get away and do something you love, whether its surfing or dancing or go-karting or even just a small thing of getting a massage, its triggers chemicals and emotions in your body. Personally, I don’t know exactly how it works but it works and that all that matters for me.

When a professional and expect in Metaphysics suggests me to try something, I do it to the best of my abilities.

Yes, everyone is different and some people prefer to just hustle and work right through with no celebrations, no me time and that’s cool, if that’s your style.

But I do encourage you to try the Commit & Celebrate technique.

Set a one, two, three-month goal. Achieve it. Celebrate it.


When you celebrate with your friends, family, team members, its these moments that push you during those long 12-14 hour days we do as entrepreneurs building our legacy.


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