Winning the 2017 MVP, an award anyone in that room deserved to have won.

As we close on 2017, to look back on the year it was, It’s a great feeling to be recognised for your achievements.

Being in a business mastermind group can quite a daunting and intimidating situation especially being one of the youngest and very little experience.

Thankfully that wasn’t the case in our Inner Circle. With what started at 12 people quickly grow 60 amazing, talented, humble and extraordinary people.

Every single one of us has built a bond over this past 12months like I’ve personally never seen before. Again, being so inexperienced in the world of business, I really did feel out of place but that quickly changed.

With the guidance, support and knowledge from our mentor, Aaron Sansoni, he really took this so called mastermind group and turned it into a family.

When I was awarded the 2017 MVP, I really was speechless for quite sometime.

I had never in my wildest dreams thought personally and professionally, I’d be where I am today.

Receiving that award really cemented to me that, I really do have what it takes to create the life I desire. And fill it with all the people I want to, all the things I want to and all the experiences I want to.

Personally, I have never been this happy, I have absolutely amazing people around me, I have created my own little bubble in which those in there get my undivided love and attention and I think that’s a must when you start to move up through life and become the success you’ve always dreamt of being.

I also have an amazing partner, who has really played a huge part in making 2017 the best year to date. When you know, you know & let me tell you, we know. From day one we have pushed each other to be better and at no stage leaving each other behind. I really am grateful for what we have, I know we are going to make 2017 look like child’s play once we have finished with 2018.

And Professionally, well what can I say. 2 companies & 3 brands all in 10months. I guess when you get after it and ‘Trust the Process’ you really can achieve what you set your heart and mind on.

We have been able to impact so many people in the last six months in one of business, it really does give life another meaning when you know going to work, not only are you building your own future but someone out there is relying on you to deliver for them as well. No way I can press that snooze button in the morning now.

I know 2018 is going to be big, really big. It will probably be that big that its un-measurable right now but either way, I am super excited to continue building on those relationships we have now in our business and also build new relationships with new customers, clients and team members.

Again, the MVP could have really gone to any single one of the people in that room. Every single one of those people have had amazing years and have made life changing transformations that will create lasting results also for their personally and professional lives.

It’s a humbling and exciting time ahead for me, my partner, my family, my teams but you can rest a sure, we won’t be stopping nor slowing down, this is only first gear for us.

Be sure to follow us as we go through 2018 and make some ground-breaking changes.

Love you all,

Jamie Totino.

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