2018 is off and running! ! ! ! ! Where are you?

As I sit here destined for Singapore, an 8 hour flight gives you plenty of time to think and map out the next few months.

Sipping on a glass of Shiraz, it hit me. It is already March of 2018 that’s right, Two Thousand and Eighteen. Where has the time gone.

Lets Recap,

So I started the year in Bunbury, Western Australia. That’s right 2 hours south of Perth in my beautiful partners home town.

When we returned to Melbourne on the 3rd of January, it was back to full steam ahead.

Since that day, we have not stopped.

The first couple weeks saw one of companies in a really sticky position, honestly it was maybe the first time since starting I thought it might all come to an end.

But as you expected, that gave me the kick up the ass I needed. It really cemented in my mind that I aint no push over, I aint quitting now, I have sooo much more to achieve and this is just a very little speed hump on the road to success.

Its funny when you think you working hard but then you set it up another 10 levels and then doubt what you had been doing for the couple months.

Getting back in construction while still running 3 businesses was a tough transition, let alone juggling life’s journey, we had to make it happen.

I knew all this was happening for me and not to me. I had a lesson to learn.

With countless nights of less than a few hours sleep, I knew it was this grinding and grinding and grinding that would get us back to where we need to be.

I remember one night setting my alarm at 12.40am, I was going to bed at 12.04am.
Is that even going to bed or just a nap?

The greatest lesson to come from this past 3 months, is that no matter the circumstances, no matter the obstacles, if you really have a reason, a why, an obligation you will do whatever number of calls, whatever number of meeting, whatever number of emails that it takes to get the job done.

And of course it comes with sacrifice, it’s a given.

You need to just get your priorities in line and sometimes as much as it hurts you got to cut out some people until the time is right.

As ET (Eric Thomas) would say, ‘You’ve called the right number but I can’t talk right now, call back in 6 months)

Just like most of us, we are always looking to trim some fat and stay lean. Do the same with your social circles, trim the fat that’s slowing you down and build a strong and lean team around you.

And as always my number one rule.

‘Don’t be out worked’


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