The Start of Something New….

As I sit here at 11.30pm on the dot, its been a great night of reflection and activation.


I look back at my journey and it really does create a moment to pause and be grateful for everything I’ve been through, everything I have endured, all the ups, all the downs, all the wins & all the loses.


We still live to fight another day.


From playing AFL football at a professional level to competing on stage in bodybuilding to representing Victoria in European Handball to winning awards in my first ever job as a 16-year-old doing things the senior management weren’t even doing to then supervising construction sites and to now running multiple businesses.


It soo easily gets washed away and forgotten about.


We all have a story, we all have our own life experience.

We all have our own life knowledge to share with the world.


I am so excited to start this new mini-series.


Touching on Key Factors and Key moments in my life that have impacted me significantly that has shaped and evolved me to be the person I am today.


I am going to go right back to where it all be began, break down where and how it all started and how I was moulded and influenced from a young age.


There will tonnes of important life lesson and tonnes of Keys in which you can implement into your own life and business.


Welcome to the

Elevate Your Lifestyle Mini-Series





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