My Top 3 Supplements and WHY!

Which one’s?

Soo over my many years, let’s say 10+ years of training for many different goals, I have learnt tonnes about supplements and when you need them and most importantly when you don’t need them.

As we all know, supplements can be very expensive.
Especially when companies are marketing you need to stack this with this and you can’t have this without that. OH and did I forget this one, this is the game changer!! Haha

You’ve got to love it and appreciate the marketing, because it worked on me and it continues to work on millions of people worldwide.

Now, let’s get one thing straight. I am not against supplements at all, I use them daily. I am just sharing my honest opinion based on, one personal experience and two the research and studies I’ve done.

Whether it is was during my professional football days or my bodybuilding days or my maintenance days, I used supplements to get the best result possible, a lot of the time more than supplements than necessary.

Now I have used the protein powders, pre-workouts, creatine’s, glutamines, BCAA’s, fibre, greens, EVERYTHING and anything I could. Sorry did I mention the 3 different proteins, the one before bed to get the gains while I sleep and the one for before gym and of course the one for after gym.

Now they all play a role and have a purpose, no denying that.
But the question I ask is do you REALLY need it?

Have you ever gone a week without a certain supplement because it ran out and you were waiting to get your next tub? During that time did anything weird happen to you?
Didn’t think so.

Again, this is based on my experiences and the research and studies I’ve done.

Did you know that food actually contain 99% those supplements and MORE vitamins and minerals your body would love to have?

Personally, I would rather eat a meal than drink a protein shake. Yes, certain times a meal isn’t practical, so a shake will get you out of trouble but it’s exactly that, a supplement which is supplementing a meal that you could not have for whatever reason it may be.

I love sitting down, standing or driving to eat. I will do whatever it takes to get food into me that I know my body will use to get me into my peak performance state.
Next time we will touch on what foods to eat to get particular results.

Understanding that now, I have really nailed down and cut out 90% of the supplements I used to consume and narrowed it down to 3.

Again, supplements can play a vital role in your day to day life to achieving your goals.

It’s understanding why and how to take them to get the best results and always be looking at alternative ways to get the desired results.

So, after 10+ years of using supplements for all reasons, here are my only 3 I will purchase regularly.

1. Digestive Enzyme
2. Super Greens Powder
3. Fibre Powder

Let me give you a quick explanation why and then I’ll let you go out and do your own research on which brands are best.

Over 70% of diseases are created in our digestive system from un-digested food. Our body does create its own enzymes though over time it does start to slow down so using an enzyme supplement is super beneficial.
Super Greens is one I wouldn’t go without. One serving first thing every morning allows my body to soak it up like a sponge. We can never get enough greens, keeping our bodies in an Alkalised State is also super important to reaching your peak performance levels and also to fast track recovery. If I am out of a super greens powder, I will get myself a Greens Juice that I know will give me what I need.
And finally, a fibre supplement. Helping again the digestive system to break down foods and flush the body of all the toxins. The human body can at times hold up to 4-8kgs of undigested waste and that’s something you can manage and control.

So to finish on, always listen to your body and give it what it needs.
Personally, I would say look to get what you need from foods before you reach for supplements.

Secondly, research and compare which supplements are better for you.
Quality and Price wise.


** Always seek professional advice before using any supplements **

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