My Big Growth Point

Build this Muscle,
You Will Be Unstoppable

WOW, 2018 you have been a challenge.

I remember 12months ago, walking into 2018 and being excited for the such a huge year.


And let me tell you, it has been a HUGE year.

A different huge than I initially wanted but I wouldn’t change it for the world.


They say, pain is growth, I can testify to that.

Personally and Professional one of the toughest years and also one of the most rewarding and grounding years.

I was challenged right from day one, yes January 1st, I was pushed into a corner and had to re-build.


It was the first time in my life, I honestly felt hopeless and felt I didn’t have the answers.


I remember being at my parents house and crying about the entire situation and how it was all getting too hard.


I had my 30 minutes of self-pity and feeling sorry for myself.


It was actually in that moment that I realised, I was the only one who could get me out of this rut.


I wiped off the tears. Had a glass of water and made 3 phone calls.


All 3 didn’t answer but ALWAYS leave a message and that I did.


One called me back 10 minutes later and it so it all began. The Re-Build.



I got myself but into the swing of things.

Come the end of February, I was already seeing and feeling a difference.


I had to change my thoughts, I had to change my actions, I needed to change my surroundings, I needed to build a new me.


I write this to let you know that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Life doesn’t always honour your visions and the universe doesn’t give you a clear path.

If you are going through something similar, you are not alone.


This last 11 months I have sent re-building and designing a new Jamie Totino.


Soo many people have questioned my decisions and my actions. As much as I love them, this is my journey and my actions will result in my life so its only right that I don’t let someone impact my actions which in turn impact my life.

2018 for me has been a year of Resilience.


Soo many times I stood up and just I thought I was in the clear, I was hit again and straight back to rock bottom.

I couldn’t count how many times the accounts read zero and minus. I couldn’t tell you that feeling of anxiety with every phone call. That feeling of telling people your fasting, when in fact you just couldn’t afford food.


Again, this is not a sob story, this vulnerability. Someone needs to read this, someone needs to know they are not the only one because that’s how I felt.


“Resilience – ‘The Capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”


I had to build this muscle. It had never been used to this extreme before, it never needed to be.


It’s funny, looking back now. Though 2018 wasn’t the big, wildly successful year based on numbers we projected, it has been the BIGGEST year of personal success and growth.


I needed this, I needed to experience the lows to now move forward.


Despite the forecasted numbers not being where we wanted it to be, it was still my biggest year of income and we still have 2 months left.


When doing my monthly review, it hit me. I exposed this muscle I have grown. Resilience.


Now I know what you’re thinking.

But, how did you?


I am glad you asked.


Number One.

In capitals and bold.


I don’t care if you have been friends forever or you only met last week. If someone is telling you, ‘Just get over it and work’ KICK THEM OUT. Yes, we need to get over it and work, though everyone is different and everyone response differently. Have people who will listen to you and build with you not just tell you all about them.

I can count on one hand the people I would call in times of need. And honestly, I only really need 3 fingers for that.


Number Two.

Get a whiteboard and write. The bigger the better, don’t listen to people who say size doesn’t matter!

Get all your thoughts out and in front of you. Write, Write, Write, Draw, Write, Colour In, Write and keep writing.

When your in that state and its very easy to bottle everything up. And I leant, that only makes things worse. High percentage of the time, all your thoughts and emotions aren’t as bad as you think. When you put it out there, they seem to minimise or become irrelevant.

Also by putting it out there, it is no longer consuming space in your head. It isn’t consuming you from all aspects.


Number Three


Once I learnt the art of smiling in all situations, it was a blessing.

Go do it now, put a big cheesy grin on your face! J J J

You can’t help but feel a little happier. Its programmed in us to feel that way so why not use it to our advantage.

Cry with a smile on your face, laugh with a smile, be angry with a smile, be sad with a smile.

You have control, you have the ability to feel good, even when everything is stacked against you and on top of you. Smile. And tell yourself, ‘I got this’


This is something close to home for me and it’s something I have experienced myself, not something I read about.

I feel a need to share with you, one of you will read this at the right time on your journey and will spark a change.

That’s powerful.


I’d love to hear from you,

Let me know your thoughts, and if this has been of value you too.


Now, it’s your turn.

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