What did you choose or are you still deciding?

Don’t you just love that friend who cant make a decision.

Or is it our girlfriends when we say, “Where do you want to go for dinner”? and she replies with “I don’t know” then you pick a place and she spends the whole night saying why you should have gone some where else. hahaha

But hold on, how many times have you picked up two pairs of jeans in store and been so in love with them that you walked out with neither of them?

I Personally think we have to much choice.

Choice is good if you know how to handle it.
How many times have your ordered a particular dish at a resturant and then regreated it 5 mintues later?
Then we start to doubt ourselves and overthink the whole situation.
It was a simple decision of what to eat for dinner.

Having said this, yes some decisions need thought, sometimes deep thought.
In all honesty these situations occur on a rare occasion, the rest of the time we just need to make a decision and then move on with it.

One of my mentors has spent a lot of time with Sir Richard Branson. He asked him, how he makes choices and decisions? he’s answer was simple, “Quickly”. If he makes 100 decisions a day and 51 are good then he’s winning. If one of the richest men in the world uses this philosophy then its good enough for me.

I believe in 2017, the average person takes 3 days decide if they want to get a coffee in 3 weeks time and if they do agree they need to see the menu before hand, just in case you know.

Seriously its times to get out of those habits.

Its only leading to more unstable living and indecision.

Start biting the bullet and saying YES or NO. And say it was purpose.

Because while your thinking about it, there is still no decision……

You can watch a great TED Talk on this subject – Paradox of Choice – Barry Schwartz

Something to finish on,

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, make the perfect moment.

Now go out there and order the best dinner you’ve ever had.


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