Who’s in your corner?

Do you think Rocky would have been as success, if he didn’t have Mickey in he’s corner?

Who’s in your corner?

Do you have someone to turn to?

Do you need someone to turn to?

Or hold on let me guess, you know everything you need to know, yeah?

It was something that clicked to me over the weekend when I over heard a conversation while out.

Person A “I don’t know why people spends thousands of dollars on mentors and coaches, what a waste”

Person B “Yeah, and half the time they get nothing in return”

I only overheard a couple lines while walking through a market but it was a little disappointing to hear that because I think now more than ever before people want to be successful, people want to give back to their families, people want to post the travelling image on Instagram, people want to drive the sports cars, people want to wear the LV belts and gloves but they are limiting them selves to a micro percentage of the knowledge out there.

In Life,
There are things You know You know,
There are things You know You don’t know,
And There are things You don’t know You don’t know. 

What info, knowledge, skills are in the catorgery that ‘You Don’t Know’?

You Don’t Know.

Now if you think about it, how much knowledge/money are you actually losing by not having a mentor?

Lets flip it around, How much is it costing you to have a Mentor or coach?
Secondly how much is it costing you by NOT having a mentor or coach?

Great question, I know.

Even Michael Jordan had a coach outside of he’s team coach. But Why, he was already the best?
I’ll let you read why, a great book to read on many different fronts Relentless by Tim S. Grover.

Something to finish on, drop the ego because let me know tell you from personal experience, ‘That what you don’t know, you don’t know, out weighs what you know all day everyday’.

Its a big world out there, don’t be limited to your little bubble.

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