Customer Service Manager………so she said.

So flying up to the amazing Gold Coast here in Queensland, Australia I had quiet the experience, it was a first for me I must say.
So after spending 2 hours in QANTAS Business lounge at Melbourne airport, it was time to board my flight. So I pack up my laptop and start walking to the gate.
Once I arrive at Gate 6, the lady who scans your ticket tells me I cant bring my carry-on bag on to the plane as its a little full.
She tells me its only 2 items each, mind you I’ve got a small carry-on bag, a small laptop bag and my suit in a suit bag.
I was a little shocked as I have personally flown using the same bags, same set-up only weeks ago. she asked to see my ticket, which I did just that.
She then said, Look “you can go see Maria over there and she’ll take care of you”
Then I realised by the look she gave it was because I was flying Business Class ‘Maria’ could help me out. hahahaha
I laughed and walked over.
So Maria sorts it out and my carry on bag goes under the plane and is now checked in luggage.
Personally I was a little pissed off that I was treated differently to everyone else and it shouldn’t really matter, first, business, economy, we all paid a fare but what pissed me off the most so far was that the plane was only 3/4 full, maybe even less.
Anyway so I get through and now entering the plane.
When I walk on, I ask the lady who greets you at the door if she could hang my suit bag.
I have 2 suits and 3 shirts in there, soo a little more than average but hey nothing crazy.
“Sorry Sir we can’t hang that”
I ask why’s that?
“You cant’t hang your entire ward rode at the front, you need to put it in the over head compartments or check it in”.
She had this smart ass attitude about her to. Which I thought to be a little odd for someone who is ‘Customer Service Manager’
In my head, I said ‘Your dreaming’ hahaha
So now she asks to see my ticket.
Her reaction was priceless,
“Look Mr. Totino, leave it with me, We’ll take care of it for you and hang it no worries”
I was like, “well ok, thanks”.
It’s amazing how people change and how these staff members were trained to treat the business class passengers a little more nicely and go that extra mile.
I personally think what a load of BS.
Everyone deserves to be treated the same, none of this inconsistency.
Why can’t you go the extra mile for all your customers,
Why can’t you give them an experience to remember, no matter the class.
How great would you feel if the air hostess just gave you half of the effort she gives the business class passengers?
Do you think they’d retain more customers that way?
Do you think they’d rave on to their friends about how good the service was and everyone needs to fly with them?
That really just proves to me that your not being genuine to the other 200 economy passengers in that flight.
Why can’t you smile and ‘Take care of it’ for everyone who walks on the plane?
The entire flight she was my best friend.
Water Mr Totino? Juice Mr Totino? Would you like a snack Mr Totino?
Some Customer Service Manager.
Be Genuinely genuine 24/7. EASY

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