The best things I learnt this week, from a Doctor in Metaphysics.

Say YES, if you’ve heard of the Law of Attractive?

Speak it into reality.

Lie on your bed, wish for money and all of sudden it starts raining money through your roof hahaha
if only that was the case.

But in all seriousness, I think the biggest take away I got was the power of positive affirmations and self talk.

Positive affirmations are great but when you understand why and how it effects your brain it becomes so much more powerful and controllable .

I had the privledge of sitting with Dr Lynika Cruz through out the week here in Melbourne.

Dr. Lynika is a Transformational Speaker, Mentor, Metaphysician and Best Selling Author.
So to be able to spend a couple hours with her was an amazing experience and so much to take away from it, I left there feeling on cloud 9 and ready to take on the world.

She put it basic for me, our brains are built full of teams(neurones). These teams for formed from ideas and beliefs you have. So these teams grow and grow the more you feed them and think about that particular topic.

“I just can’t seem to get through a diet, I do good for 3 week then I drop off”

“I can’t learn surfing, I am to old for that”

“I am so bad at speaking in front of more than 10 people, I just freeze”

These things you say to yourself are strengthing those teams in your head and because you’ve built them so strong, they’ll keep popping up just when your about to take on these challenges.

Your brain is wired to tell you that, its programmed, its been feed by you for so long its only doing what its been trained to do.

But the best thing is,

We can change that.

Dr. Lynika has really broken this down so simple and made it understandable for everyone.

You need to build new positive teams.

And feed them daily so they grow and grow to eventually out grow those negative teams.

Thats where positive affirmations come in.

Tell yourself daily,
“I am powerful”
“I am good at dieting and I will go through the whole 12weeks”
“I will dominate that speak I have to make at work”

If you tell yourself multiple times a day and stay consistent these teams will grow and grow.

But let me guess, sounds a bit silly doesn’t it?

Try it, do it for one day.

What are these teams made of again?

Beliefs and thoughts.

Now when your beliefs are strong and your thoughts are positive, what does that lead to?

Positive and Desired Results!!!

When you start to honestly believe you can achieve something your body will start to act in a way that encourages that belief.

Now this is going to take time, maybe days or weeks maybe months for some people but you need to stay consistent.

Those negative teams aren’t just going to disappear after one day. You need to beat them down and out grow them.

In time your strong and positive teams will out weigh the negatives teams and thats all you’ll know.

Its exciting knowing how much control we have.

Its a simple method that we can all implement to create the lives we want.

I have to say a massive thank you to Dr. Lynika Cruz, she has really changed my perspective and understanding of the amount of power our brains have.

Be sure to head over to her website  and read more about her amazing journey from being left on the streets as an 11 year old to now have being the world leader that she is.

Get out there and take charge.




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